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Garden Club - The Westside Garden Club -
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Members can also use the world
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St Andrews Cathedral services -  
St Pauls church services -
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IDEAS Services, Equipment & Advice - a not
for profit organisation of ACCAN, offering a
free service for people with disabilities, their
supporters and community.

Keeping fit at home Excercices, sitting, core

Travel the World without leaving home.
When stuck at home you can still visit Pachu
Picchu, Italy, Le Louvre, and others.

Assistive technology For most people,
technology makes things easier. For people
with disabilities, technology makes things

BeConnected  need help with your mobile phone,
tablet, computer or internet? Visit the Australian
Government technology help site..

Android phones  and tablets  lessons, and help.

iPhone and iPads   lessons and help.

Beyond Blue  Are you, or someone you know, feeling
anxious or depressed? Support is available here.


Speaker for 5th September meeting
1:30pm in Menzies Room

Anglicare CEO, Simon Miller

"ChatGPT. We are about, or have moved into the ChatGPTAge!!!
Equivalent to  moving out of the Industrial Revolution”?
This should be a fascinating session.
Members are asked to bring their laptops so they can try it out.